Manifesto’s virtues

“Manifesto is a fantastic place to work, and we want everyone to know it”

Our staff have long been wondering why we don’t talk more about our positive company culture. It’s something to be proud of, so why keep it a secret, they asked. And so they got to work, to identify the virtues that define how we work. This is what they came up with:

Laid back workplace atmosphere

The atmosphere at Manifesto is informal, straightforward, and relaxed. Staff feel that they can be themselves and be open about what they think and feel.

People don’t feel alone, because colleagues are always ready to help and support. In fact, people will go out of their way to let everyone know if they have a bit of spare capacity and can help lighten the load for someone. Support is built into our DNA, and everyone is committed to doing well.

Having fun is important. At Manifesto, we know how to have a laugh. The atmosphere is laid back, and people are friendly. We’re all part of the same “tribe”.  People know how to have a good time, but also how to have the difficult conversations.

Leadership that motivates

Manifesto’s leadership culture means that bureaucracy is kept to a minimum.

We’re all trusted to get the work done, no one’s micromanaging you or looking over your shoulder.

Senior staff are always on hand to help and aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. The support you get is fantastic. They know how to motivate the team and always lead by example.

Everyone can speak openly and freely to the leadership without having to worry about reception. There’s a real human touch to everything they do. Even if you’ve made a mistake, they back you up, no matter what.

Diversity and equity

There are people of all ages and genders at Manifesto, but there are no cliques. Everyone gets on with everyone, everyone is included. The people that work here come from lots of different backgrounds. We invite and promote different perspectives. For us, diversity is a valuable resource.

Everyone is listened to, and everyone’s input is valued. All staff, regardless of seniority, feel heard. There’s a strong sense that we’re all equal. Because of that culture of respect, people feel at home in Manifesto.

Valuing skills and expertise

We’re proud of what we do at Manifesto. We work hard for our success and do not give up easily. We know that perseverance is usually always rewarded.

At Manifesto, people are passionate about their work and genuinely engaged.

People are invited to join new projects to unlock their hidden potential. This means that your job description is always evolving.

Flexibility and trust

We don’t have spreadsheets constantly tracking our chargeable hours and calculating how much each person is worth. Instead, we focus on doing our jobs, because that’s where the profit is.

We’ve always been able to work remotely, but, since the pandemic, we’ve been given even more choice. Some people have even moved to another town, which speaks about our flexible working culture.

Everyone is encouraged to pursue training and refocus their work on areas they are interested in. We’re a relatively small team which means that we know how to make the most of people’s strengths.