The Opening Exhibition of the New Amos Rex Museum is an Immersive Installation Built by Epson Laser Projectors

Our customer Epson is one of the main sponsors of the the Amos Rex museum, and it has provided the museum with 137 projectors for the opening exhibition. The digital installation by the Tokyo-based teamLab is for everybody to see for approximately four months from August 30, 2018 onwards. Media visited the museum in advance on Monday, August, 27.

Manifesto’s Epson team got the opportunity to participate in the truly unique project.

“We have been involved in the project so that we have generated ideas, planned activities and counselled the communications and visual components of the project as well as managed content creation from the very first beginning, i.e. from the end of last year”, says Senior Communications Consultant Taina Kaitala of Manifesto. “We generated ideas and planned Epson’s communications activities towards media, managed the video production and communications of the project including media relations. We also took part in the cooperation meetings of Amos Rex, among other things. Our mutual trip has been fantastic!”

In addition to Epson’s projectors, there are among others, 12.7 kilometres of cable, 36 power PCs and 100 loudspeakers in the background of the exhibition. The installation comprises of four exhibition halls and it is immersive, so it surrounds a person from every direction. The technical implementation of the artwork has been managed together with teamLab by Epson’s longlasting partner and technical specialist Pro Av Art Oy.

teamLab that was established in 2001, is a versatile artist group that is known for its immersive digital installations that the viewer steps into. teamLab consists of ca. 500 members. Members include artists, programmers, computer animators, mathematicians, architects and graphic designers. The aim of the group is to redefine reality and it challenges normal conceptions of art.

To build the installation requires precision and huge amounts of resources

“To build the opening exhibition has been demanding, that is true, but technical difficulties have been minimal”, Jorma Saarikko of Pro Av Art Oy says. “To ascertain an authentic experience the projected images have to be as consistent in quality as possible in order to attach the images so that there are no border stiches to break the illusion. The opening exhibition of Amos Rex is the largest project that I have been involved in.”

The exhibition is the largest media installation built by projectors in the Nordics. Also at European scale, it is easily one of the largest media installations.

Manifesto is the communications partner of the world’s largest projector manufacturer Epson in Finland.

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