Strategic Planning and Research

Manifesto is a trustworthy partner that helps you to separate the signifcant from the insignificant.  We help you to fine-tune your messages and to tell stories that invoke emotions. We consult and assist you with both long and short-term strategic PR planning.

We are a pioneer in communications research in Finland. Our services include e.g., interest group surveys, communications audits, internal communications surveys and media analyses. With the help of market reasearch companies, we also carry out surveys for our customers to e.g., understand target groups and to inroduce topics to the media agenda.

Our strategic planning and research services include the following

    • Creating a communications strategy and plan
    • Defining core messages
    • Management consulting
    • Media analysis
    • Interest group survey
    • Internal communications survey
    • Communications auditing
    • Measuring communications

More details:

Mikko Koistinen


+358 40 565 5564

Harri Kammonen

CEO, Partner

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