Corporate Communications

The goal of corporate communications is to communicate company’s business strategy to external and internal target groups. It highlights topics that are key to execute company’s strategy, and increases awareness about the company and builds trust between the company and its interest groups. Excellence in corporate communication is an competitive advantaged in today’s competitive business environment.

Companies must be able to communicate clearly what is their purpose in society. Does the company enhance societal development and progress or is it just exploiting the society, environment and culture to its own benefit. What difference does a company make to the lives of its customers, personnel and society in general? What is company’s added value for society?

In corporate communications one of our focus industries is technology. There are certain rules of thumbs and own ways of doing things in technology PR as well as in digital and platform economy, according to which we guide our customers’ communications, separate meaningful matters from irrelevant ones and deep dive into the industry. Our experts in technology communications have special knowledge, strong insight and vision on today as well as the future that our customers demand.

Our corporate communications services include the following

    • Creating a communications strategy and plan
    • Defining core messages
    • Media relations
    • Change-management communications
    • Social responsibility communications
    • Crisis communications
    • Publications
    • Internal communications
    • Financial and investment communications

More details:

Taina Kaitala

Technology Communications Consultant

+358 50 372 3406

Harri Kammonen

CEO, Partner

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