Do you consider yourself to be a natural performer? Or are you one of those who gets nervous speaking in public? We often think that some people are just naturally better performers than others. This simply isn’t true. The same rule applies to performing as to any other skill: practice makes perfect.

We carry out communication skills training as tailored training events in small groups to keep the training personal and effective. Our trainers have extensive experience in providing communications training, and we have received excellent customer feedback.

Our training services include the following

    • Media training
    • Public speaking and presentation skills
    • Writing and content production skills, e.g. blogs, opinion articles
    • Social media skills
    • Powerpoint presentation skills
    • Crisis communication training and simulation
    • Managerial communication skills
    • Public Affairs skills

More details:

Mikko Koistinen


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Jonna Vuokola

Senior Communications Consultant

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