Manifesto shortlisted for three Finnish Comms Awards

Happy news from the awards front! The 2023 shortlist of the Finnish Comms Awards has been announced and all three Manifesto’s awards entries were shortlisted. The categories are Strategic Communication Consulting, External Corporate Communication and B2C Communication Launch or Phenomenon. 

In the category of Strategic Communication Consulting, Manifesto’s collaboration with ATM operator Nosto will compete in the finals. As a result of the Manifesto’s work, Nosto have been successfully positioned as a cash expert known by the media and decision-makers.

Manifesto’s work for the Finnish fiberoptics network operator Valokuitunen is nominated in the External Corporate Communication category. Valokuitunen is recognized as a thought leader in the highly competitive fiber optic market in Finland.

In the category of B2C Communication Launch or Phenomenon, the Ilmat pihalle campaign designed for the Finnish Packaging Producers Ltd was chosen as a finalist. In the social media campaign, Finns were encouraged in a fun and effective way to squeeze cardboard packages in a right way prior placing them in the recycling pin. 

“Success in awards competitions is always an indication of a job well done, which is based on effective cooperation with customers. It is also a recognition of the competence and skills of our personnel. It’s exciting to see what happens in the final, but getting shortlisted among hundred other entries is already a great achievement,” Manifesto CEO Harri Kammonen comments.

This year’s competition strongly reflects the strategic nature of communication. For the shortlist, the 34-member judges panel went through more than a hundred awards entries.

Manifesto also congratulates other finalists for the great entries!

The winners of the Finnish Comms Awards will be announced on Thursday, November 16th.