MySafety social media visibility up several hundred per cent

At Manifesto, we recently assumed responsibility for all of insurance provider mySafety’s social media content, including planning, content creation, updates and moderating activity. The aim for us has been to raise mySafety’s profile across their chosen social media platforms and to increase awareness of the brand and the services they offer among Finnish consumers.  Although we have been working with mySafety for less than a year, we’ve already made significant progress in line with the company’s strategic objectives.

Our strategic partnership with mySafety dates back to summer 2019. A leader in its field in Finland, mySafety specialises in online crime prevention and impact management. Aimed at both private individuals and businesses, mySafety policies are designed to complement standard insurance packages, offering additional security in circumstances not covered by them.

Following the success of our work on mySafety’s communications, we assumed responsibility for their social media presence in spring 2020. At Manifesto, we are now responsible for managing mySafety’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram feeds, on a full-service basis, including content design and creation as well as moderation. Our job is to enhance mySafety’s corporate image across these social media channels and to raise awareness of the brand among Finnish consumers.

“We’re delighted to say that less than a year in, we’ve already delivered excellent results. In 2020, mySafety’s Facebook organic and paid reach on Facebook was up 14 per cent year on year, with a 74 per cent increase in reactions. Across other channels, the results are even more stunning. On LinkedIn, organic reach is up 454% with a 422% increase in reactions. The results for Instagram are similar, with organic and paid reach up by 763% and reactions up by 128%,” explains Manifesto partner Jonna Varhama.

In 2020, mySafety’s organic reach on LinkedIn was up by 454% and reactions up 422% year on year.

“The results speak for themselves, we’re incredibly pleased. Not only is our new social media content relevant to our customers, stakeholders and partners, it’s aligned with our strategic objectives as a company and a great fit with our other communications. We have a brilliant team on board. Manifesto are efficient and inspiring and extremely good at delivering results. We are excited to continue our collaboration,” says Johanna Abgottspon, Head of Customer Operation and Marketing at mySafety.

At Manifesto, we offer full-service social media consultancy. We plan and implement social media strategies that deliver well-targeted, impactful content, effectively and on schedule. We also offer partial and full social media presence creation, content and digital advertising design and production, backed up with detailed reporting.

In 2020, Manifesto’s profits grew by 10 per cent to EUR 1.26 million. We currently employ 19 staff working across corporate communications, marketing communications and public relations.

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