From nobody to thought leader – Strategic communication collaboration between Manifesto and mySafety established mySafety as an expert in combating online crime

In spring 2019, insurance service provider mySafety had a clear vision of business development: it wanted to become an expert and a thought leader in combating online crime. All that was missing was a communications plan to make this happen. PR Agency Manifesto devised a communications strategy for mySafety and a tactical plan helping the company to reach its goals. Manifesto also assisted in deploying the new strategy internally and externally. Visibility in all the major Finnish media and goal-oriented leveraging of the company’s own channels crowned these long-term strategic efforts.

PR Agency Manifesto has been the strategic communications partner of the mySafety insurance service provider since spring 2019. mySafety is the leading company in Finland specialising in preventing online crime and mitigating its impacts.

In-house communications reinforced personnel confidence in their expertise, external communications built up mySafety as a thought leader

Manifesto began to focus the thought leader status of mySafety by devising a clear-cut communications strategy and plan. The strategy planning also involved drawing up message maps detailing, among other things, how to create understandable messages about, say, identity theft, because back in 2019 Finns were largely unaware of the perils of online crime.

In autumn 2019, the new business strategy was deployed among personnel. Manifesto took an active part in this rollout by presenting the communications strategy and message maps, by holding practical communications exercises for mySafety experts working in customer service, claims processing and sales and by assisting in the improvement of client communications.

The greatest change in communications policy was put into practice as of 2020, with the measures outlined in the communications plan extended prominently to external communications. Thought leadership was now pursued with huge leaps, making use of various means of media communications, such as bulletins, exclusive interviews, research-driven PR and experts’ blog posts, and by revitalising and leveraging the company’s own channels in a more efficient and goal-oriented way.

Visibility in Finland’s main media crowns long-term strategy efforts

Before the start of the present collaboration, the media visibility of mySafety amounted to about 20 articles per year. In 2020, there were 167 media hits, and in 2021 there were 90 hits by the end of October. This visibility has spanned all of Finland’s main media, the articles promoting an image of mySafety as an expert body specialising in the prevention of online crime and the mitigation of its impacts.

Moreover, the reach of mySafety’s own channels has improved enormously. After taking over the company’s social media channels in April 2020, Manifesto has improved the reach of these channels by 53% and their commitment level by 121%. Today, mySafety engages in genuine discussion with followers and leads a constructive dialogue on topics related to online crime.

“To be honest, mySafety had practically no reputation to speak of at the beginning of 2019. We were a nobody. Obviously, the work done by Manifesto is strategically invaluable. Without Manifesto, we would not be where we are now, with an advantage over our competitors. Manifesto has successfully introduced communications into our corporate strategy, and communications is now seen as one of the cornerstones of success,” says mySafety Country Manager Johanna Abgottspon.

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