The comeback of cash: Positioning ATM service company Nosto as cash expert recognized by the media and decision-makers

The use of cash has decreased significantly in Finland. Currently, about 12 percent of all our payment traffic is cash. For example, in Germany, the corresponding figure is around 60 percent. Cash has not been of much interest until Russia invaded Ukraine. After this, cash became interesting, especially from the point of view of security of supply.

We prepared a communication strategy for Nosto ATM Service, in which we defined the goals for communications, core messages, talking points and also, created an action plan. With the help of media pitches and opinion writings, Nosto quickly gained visibility, which responded to the increased need for information. In addition, we implemented a study that found out Finns’ attitude towards cash. The study achieved a considerable amount of publicity. Proactive PR continued during 2022 related to various current themes.

According to a market study carried out at the beginning of 2023, the number of new customers of Nosto ATM Service increased by 17 percent during 2022. Brand recognition grew by 7 percent. The number of people who think positively about Nosto increased by as much as 33 percent. Media visibility through earned media increased significantly compared to previous years.

During 2022, media learned to turn to Nosto’s Country Manager for opinions on cash-related matters. We managed to position him as “Mr. Cash” and Nosto ATM Service as an expert in cash-related issues known to media and decision-makers. The PR work contributed to the fact that Nosto managed to network with key societal stakeholders in terms of cash.

“We prepared an updated strategy for the year 2022. The goal was to position ourselves as an advocate for cash on behalf of the entire market, raise the awareness of Nosto ATM machines and develop attributes associated with the brand. In 2022, we focused almost all our contributions and activities on communications and partly also on digital media. With the help of communications, we talked about the role of cash in society and raised the discussion on the topic. The discussion was accelerated by the Russian war of aggression that begun in February 2022, which raised the importance of cash also from the point of view of security of supply. We managed to position ourselves as a spokesperson for cash, spearheading the importance of cash from the perspective of security of supply and its role for the elderly, the needy and Finns who have received payment default notices”, says Risto Lepo, Country Manager of Nokas CMS Oy.

“We also emphasized the importance of cash for tourists traveling to Finland. We also pointed out that cash works well as a gift and as a tool for teaching children and young people how to use money. The results achieved in 2022 were excellent. Our reputation grew and the attributes related to the brand developed significantly. Manifesto’s vision, ideas and above all understanding of our business and ability to execute plans (“walk the talk”) have been excellent. Our cooperation continues and we are very satisfied with it”, Lepo continues.

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