Sony’s Nordic PR tour visited Manifesto Showroom

In spring 2019, Sony organized a PR tour in the Nordic countries. The tour offered interior designers, electronics suppliers, social media influencers and typists a chance to get a preview of what’s coming to the market this summer from Sony. Manifesto was responsible for organizing the tour in Finland.

Sony is known for being a pioneer in television, camera and speaker technology as well as in elegant artistic style. Their latest novelties were widely featured at the CES consumer technology fair in Las Vegas in January. Being located far away, the fair might be challenging for media and influencers to attend, even though they would have an interesting theme. Sony wanted to meet the need and bring the products to closer to local stakeholders.

Manifesto coordinated and took care of the arrangements for Finland. The visit consisted of a journalist meeting in the morning and a camera workshop for influencers and tubers in the evening. Manifesto’s Showroom was chosen as the venue for the event, due to its relaxed atmosphere, central location and equipment matching Sony’s wishes. The invitations and registrations were handled by Manifesto. In addition to Sony’s experts, a bartender acted as a program number by making magical mocktails from fresh ingredients. The bartender was also organized through Manifesto.

The new 360-inch unobtrusive speakers and the stunning color reproduction of the 65-inch OLED TV, which concealed the speaker technology in its display, received unreserved reception from the participants. The 75-inch LED TV, which was considered big, also managed to convince even the most demanding interior designers. The star of the night, also known as a vlogging camera, the A6400 also survived the test of well-known tubers. For many, getting in touch with an expert was important, and the discussion about features was active, as expected.

The event was appreciated. In addition to the new demos, the event provided new insights into the direction in which video and audio technology is evolving. The event has also afterwards provided Manifesto’s Sony team new contacts regarding new products. Above all, Sony got the hoped-for contact with interior designers whose recommendations have a big impact on technology purchases for homes.

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Markus Hilden

Communications Consultant

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