Bolt.Works: Media coverage supports the business growth

Manifesto supports the growth of Bolt.Works, a recruitment service company, with thought leadership programme and media relations in Finland. Visibility in the national media as well as in the regional and local media has made Bolt.Works a known company in the industry and, among other things, increased the number of job seekers in its online service.

“Our goal is to actively create discussion about changing working lives, new ways to work and digitalization of work. Themes are important to us because we want to revolutionize the culture of working in Finland”, says Timo Hakkarainen, the Director of Corporate Culture and Development at Bolt.Works.

Bolt.Works, which has stirred the recruitment service market with its Artificial Intelligence technology, has expanded its operations enormously over the past year. Originally from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the company has opened offices in cities of Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Seinäjoki, Vaasa, Kouvola and Kuopio during the year. At the same time, it has expanded its recruitment services from construction industry to include also logistics and manufacturing industries. Strong expansion and sales have required effective communication and visibility in the media.

Growth requires an increased awareness

Manifesto is responsible for Bolt.Works’s media relations and thus to increase the awareness of the company. During the partnership, Bolt.Works’s earned media exposure has grown significantly, and the company has been featured regularly. In the future, the company aims for even greater coverage.

“When choosing a communications partner, it was important for us that the chosen partner had knowledge and enthusiasm to gain media exposure. We have been very pleased with the results that Manifesto has achieved. Manifesto has succeeded in creating media coverage for us and we have been able to discuss issues that are important to us in public. An example of the results is that our website traffic has tripled compared to last summer. Visibility in the media has immediate impact”, says Hakkarainen.

Artificial Intelligence helps in recruitment

The technology developed by Bolt.Works combines AI with data collected from applicants during employment. AI automatically selects the most suitable employees for the customer’s recruitment needs based on the data. When a person is employed by Bolt, the employer gives feedback (stars 1-5) on the employee’s past performance, if the employee so wishes. Employees who get better grades earn more and the client gets in turn better productivity from its employees.

Further information:

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CEO, Partner

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