Valtteri Bottas in a video campaign: “I am proud of the Finnish School System”

A PR Consultant bends to video production as well. Manifesto’s Epson team got the possibility to participate in an interesting project: the renewed international cooperation agreement between Epson and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport brought Valtteri Bottas to revisit his primary school in Nastola – at the same time, a video showcasing the strengths of the Finnish education was created.

In the video project, realized by international stakeholders, one needed versatile communication skills from the traditional media communications and production company negotiations to helping in drafting the script, finding out legal finesses and organizing technical implementation of the shooting.

”The project has been really interesting and rewarding. There are quite a few moving parts in an international project and a lot to coordinate. Managing entities turned out to be one of the most relevant aspects of the project. Additionally, it was important to localize the content according to the Finnish taste,” says Taina Kaitala, how leads the Epson team at Manifesto.

“It is great to see, how Epson brings cutting-edge technology into the classroom of today.” – Valtteri Bottas

#FinnishClass video brings forward the quality of Finnish primary education and the fact, how the world number one projector manufacturer Epson supports participatory pedagogy in the class room.

”I really enjoyed visiting my old classroom and joining in the interactive lesson, even though I wasn’t in the same room as the students! I’m very proud to be Finnish and it’s great to see how Epson is advancing the classroom experience for kids today,” comments Valtteri Bottas in a media release.

As the world number one projector manufacturer Epson believes that motivating and committing the new generation students requires enhancing dialogue and collaboration in the learning environment, which is in line with the Finnish study plan. The interactive projector share of Epson in Finland is proportionately 57 % larger than the remainder worldwide total.

#FinnishClass video is available to watch on Epson’s Youtube page.

Check the behind the scenes video on Youtube as well!

Photo: Epson

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