Schesir pet food brand chooses Manifesto as Nordic PR partner

PR Agency Manifesto has been chosen to lead the PR work of the Italian pet food brand Schesir in the Nordics. The goal of the PR cooperation is to increase the brand visibility of Schesir in the Nordic countries. The assignment includes content production for and management of the brand’s social media channels as well as planning and executing the launch of the new Schesir BIO organic pet food series in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

PR Agency Manifesto is responsible for public relations and communications of the Italian pet food brand Schesir in the Nordic countries. Manifesto’s main task is to plan and create content for Schesir’s country-specific Facebook pages Finland, Sweden and Norway.

To add local expertise to the PR team for Schesir Manifesto’s PR agency partners Spotlight PR in Stockholm and Consilio Kommunikasjon in Oslo have contributed with dedicated social media experts to the pan-Nordic team. Both Spotlight PR and Consilio as well as Manifesto are part of the international PR agency network, IPREX.

“Through the global IPREX PR agency network we can offer a complete range of PR service in all markets. One of the reasons why Schesir choose us to be their PR partner in the Nordics was our track record and proven ways of working within the network. From the client’s point-of-view the client have one point of contact for a full pan-Nordic PR team”, says Manifesto’s Partner Jonna Varhama.

In addition to social media projects, the cooperation between Schesir and Manifesto includes also other communication projects. In March, Schesir launched the new Schesir BIO organic pet food series, which also extended the brand’s product range in the Nordic countries to include dog food. Manifesto was responsible for strategic planning of the launch communications and coordinating the work in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Implementation was carried out by the local PR agencies in each country.

The goal of Manifesto’s work is to strengthen the Schesir brand in the Nordic countries and thereby support sales.

The pet-friendly team sealed the choice of PR partner

“Our Nordic team’s vast experience and deep knowledge in pets played a key role in starting co-operation with Schesir. We were able to provide Schesir with insight and recommendations on the expectations of cat and dog owners in the Nordics towards per food. In addition, we have strong relationships with different types of media and social media influencers – including those who own a cat or a dog. Local expertise and team members’ love for pets was important to Schesir,” says Varhama.

Schesir’s products are sold in Finland in the pet stores Musti ja Mirri and Peten koiratarvike, in Sweden at Arken Zoo and Djurmagazinet, and in Norway in the Musti pet stores.

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