Responsibility attracts more and more investors

Responsible investing is currently a global megatrend. It finally arrived in Finland when the first investment funds were awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Responsible funds aim to influence companies and to promote sustainable development. Manifesto worked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel to organize a breakfast event for the media and influencers focusing on responsible investing. The event discussed how small actions can help to build a more responsible future.

Ethical and environmentally friendly investing is now possible in Finland. Four investment funds awarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel have been launched on the Finnish market: Handelsbanken Sustainable Energy, Swedbank Robur Ethica Sverige, Swedbank Robur Ethica Global and Tundra Sustainable Frontier Fund.

Strict criteria are set for the funds marked with the Ecolabel. To get the label, 90 percent of the companies belonging to the fund must have completed the so-called ESG analysis, which deals with environmental and social responsibility and governance. Naturally, companies that violate human rights, commit environmental crimes, produce energy from fossil fuels or manufacture weapons or tobacco, are not allowed in responsible funds.

‘’Many people want to invest their money responsibly and on those things that will also exist in the future when, for example, the climate change gets worse. We wanted to organize an event based on responsible investment in order to raise the awareness of it. Manifesto’s new premises above the rooftops of Helsinki created an inspiring environment for the event,’’ says Minna Kinnari, the Marketing Manager of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Everyone can prosper – the experts’ tips encouraged to think about personal finance 

The responsible investment morning encouraged the public to think about how to grow their own assets and which methods to use. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s investment specialist Sebastian Högnabba spoke about responsible investment at the event. In addition, wealth coach Tellervo Uotila and investment blogger, local politician and actress Jasmin Hamid also brought investment inspiration to the morning. Investment has now become a trend interest of young people – especially women.

‘’Money always raises interest and we should talk about it more. For my part, I want to spread investment inspiration and especially encourage women to invest. Even a small investment pays off and helps you to grow your assets,’’ says investment blogger Jasmin Hamid.

‘’It is especially important for me that my assets don’t support companies that are contradictory to my values. I want to be involved in saving the planet every pay day,’’ Hamid continues.

The emphasis on values in the speakers’ presentations is also popular in collaborations with social media influencers. Manifesto has noticed that an increasing number of social media influencers want to be involved in creating a more responsible future.

‘’Responsibility is considered increasingly important when negotiating a commercial collaboration with social media influencers. The companies’ services and products must respond to the influencers’ own values so that the co-operation is believable and meaningful to the influencer. For example, all of the co-operations executed in collaboration with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel or its license holders are well received among the influencers,’’ say Manifesto’s consultants, Mari Saari and Kaisa Neittaanmäki.

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