Client interview with SAP: We value the PR agency’s relationships with the media and understanding of news value

We at Manifesto manage versatile strategic communications in different industries. Technology communications is one of our strongest fields of expertise and we also function as a press office of several global tech brands. So, we talked to one of our long-term clients, Ellen Vig Nelausen at SAP, what they think about the cooperation.

How did you find our PR agency in Finland in the first place and how long have you been working with us in Finland?

Manifesto was already signed on as SAP Finland’s PR Agency when I started in my current job as Nordic Integrated Communications Senior Specialist at SAP Global Communications in 2017. SAP and Manifesto have collaborated on the Finnish market since 2013.

You yourself are based in Denmark and SAP doesn’t have own communications function in Finland, though local marketing is strong and populated and we work tightly with them. In your view, what are the biggest benefits for you in working with a local agency on a market that you aren’t so familiar with?

Strong relationships with key local media journalists in IT and Business outlets are key and something it is very difficult for me to build up from my location in Copenhagen as I am sadly not speaking Finnish. Also, local language and knowledge capabilities and the sense of news value and trending topics – having the finger on the local pulse – are key benefits that SAP needs when offering thought leadership pieces, press releases, customer stories and other news stories to appropriate media outlets.

In your role, as communications specialist, how do you see our cooperation has developed over the years and are there some specifics you would like to mention?

I could not do my job on the Finnish market if it was not for Manifesto, so I rely completely on my Manifesto team to help me out. In PR timing is everything and the sense of urgency and the speed of the turn-around time for press releases etc. is high. I feel in very good hands with Taina Kaitala as my key contact and benefit enormously from her long experience within tech PR on the Finnish market.


Taina Kaitala

Technology Communications Consultant

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