New brands at Manifesto Showroom

Manifesto Showrooms brand selection expands as Metsien Suomi, Gold&Green and LEDVANCE choose Manifesto as their partner. Book an appointment at our Showroom or a virtual video meeting! We look forward to showing you our new products!

Metsien Suomi

Metsien Suomi is a communications programme aimed at reminding Finns of the importance of forests for all of us, and refreshing our understanding of what modern forests can offer us at their best and of the possibilities of wood as a material. The forest is part of everything Finland does: from cradle to grave, through the highlights of our lives, including holidays, events and leisure activities. The forest is always there, if only as a backdrop. Finns find their peace of mind and seek solace in the forest to balance the demands of everyday life.

Manifesto Showroom is showcasing products in tune with this theme, telling the story of the forest and its boundless potential as an environment and source of products. Examples of such products are Sulapac environmentally friendly wooden drinking straws and fully biodegradable and plastic-free containers for cosmetics and Woodio washbasins made of waterproof wood composite. Also featured is the Billebeino x Metsien Suomi fabrics collection, made of 100% recycled Pure Waste cotton.


Made from Nordic oats and pulses, Pulled Oats® is a Finnish food innovation rich in protein. Its succulent texture, which loves spices, is perfect for frying with a flavour that works with your favourite cuisine. Pulled Oats® is a purely vegan product with a superior nutritional content, compared to the meatiest competitors. This is also true of our flavoured protein product Delikaura™ which makes cooking delicious vegan food easier than ever. So please, have a seat, dinner like you’ve never known it is ready!

Visit the Manifesto Showroom to taste the latest products from Gold&Green and take home our delicious recipes to recreate at home.


LEDVANCE is a world-leading trade and consumer supplier of general light fittings. LEDVANCE offers LED lighting products for any space and use, including smart lighting solutions for the home and public buildings, one the world’s largest collection of LED lights as well as more traditional light sources.

In the Manifesto Showroom, LEDVANCE is introducing the timeless and stylish Vintage Edition 1906 collection and Bluetooth operated SMART+ products that create unique, personalised lighting designs for any taste, look and need.

Familiar brands, new products

In addition to the new brands, showcased in Manifesto Showroom are also established brands such as Dr. Wolff pharmaceutical cosmetics, Lenovo consumer electronics, the Japanese Yamazaki interiors and Lejos food brands Hungry Chef, Lagom, Sunsweet, Sun-Maid, Teekanne and Jack Link’s.

The Manifesto Showroom is a meeting place for brands, journalists and social media influencers. In the penthouse showroom in the Autotalo building in Kamppi, Helsinki, visitors are able to learn more about your products and services and to find ideas and inspiration for content and news production.

The showroom reopened for visits in June and is open on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, meetings are by appointment only. Manifesto and Manifesto Showroom are operating an enhanced cleaning programme and all surfaces, such as door handles, are regularly disinfected. Visitors to the showroom are provided with hand sanitiser, CE-labelled face masks and disposable gloves.

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