Manifesto to represent Lenovo as their PR agency in Finland

Manifesto has been selected to represent Lenovo, one of the world’s largest technology companies, as its PR agency in Finland. Manifesto’s mission is to support the press office of Lenovo’s PC and services portfolio for consumer and commercial products through corporate and product communications.

Lenovo’s mission is to provide all members of society with smarter technology that lay the foundation for Intelligent Transformation in society. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, the Internet of Things, cloud services and virtual reality enable more intelligent devices and services for both consumers and businesses.

Manifesto’s goal is to communicate the Intelligent Transformation vision to Lenovo’s target groups in Finland through product communications for Lenovo’s computers, tablets, monitors and accessories, including  product review and testing programs with the media and selective social media influencer activation. Lenovo’s products include e.g. Lenovo ThinkPad, ThinkBook, Legion and Yoga computers and tablets.

“Manifesto captured our interest with its technology communications expertise and comprehensive understanding of the technology industry. The Manifesto Showroom also played an important role in our decision. We are confident we have made the right decision by onboarding them and look forward to a long lasting and close collaboration”, says Carina van Vlerken, Lenovo’s  Communications Manager for the Nordic and Benelux countries.

“Lenovo’s decision to choose Manifesto evoked great joy and pride in all of us. When an international top brand like Lenovo is convinced of your expertise, it is always a strong testament to your team’s professionalism and years of quality work. It is no exaggeration to say that Manifesto is one of the most experienced communications agencies in the technology industry in Finland”, says Harri Kammonen, CEO of Manifesto.

“The collaboration has started briskly since September with several different projects. Lenovo computers and other devices have arrived in our showroom, and product tests and loans to influencers and journalists are already in full swing. ”

Manifesto’s technology customers include e.g. Facebook, AWS, SAP and Solita. Lenovo and the global application provider SAP Concur, whose tender Manifesto also won during the summer, are the newest tech clients in Manifesto’s portfolio.

Manifesto’s sales in 2019 was approximately EUR 1.2 million. The growth forecast for 2020 is about 15 percent. At the moment, Manifesto employs 18 communications professionals and they work in the areas of corporate communications, marketing communications and public affairs. This year Manifesto celebrates its 20th anniversary.


Harri Kammonen

CEO, Partner

+358 40 500 1120