Leanheat and Manifesto Start Cooperation

The Finnish technology company Leanheat and PR Agency Manifesto have started cooperation this summer. Manifesto’s task is to make Leanheat more well-known in Finland through communications. Later on, the cooperation may expand to other countries.

Leanheat’s smart building control and maintenance powered by IoT monitors, controls, and optimizes the temperature and humidity in buildings of district heating companies. The solution significantly enhances the energy efficiency of real estates and creates a healthier indoor climate. According to the company target, Leanheat will be installed into as many as 100,000 apartments around the world by end of 2018 and into a million apartments by the year 2022. Currently, Leanheat operates in Finland, China, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, and Germany.

”Leanheat is the world’s largest AI solution powered by IoT in buildings of district heating companies and we would like to tell about our technology and achievements more widely through our partner,” says Hanna Laurila, Marketing Director of Leanheat.

The founding partners of Leanheat are specialists that believe in environmental friendliness and future technology. Managing Director is Jukka Aho and the strategic partner and co-owner is Danish Danfoss.


Additional information:

Taina Kaitala

Senior Communications Consultant

+358 50 372 3406

Harri Kammonen

CEO, Partner

+358 40 500 1120