Virtual launch for new coffee blend during coronavirus pandemic

Robert Paulig Roastery’s coffee ambassador Jarkko Issukka and barista Jani Mikkonen from Artisan Café & Roastery joined forces to create A+RPR coffee, a brand new coffee neither of them could have created on their own. A+RPR went on to win the Finnish Brewers Cup 2020 competition, also known as the filter coffee championships. Following their competition success, the pair had planned to launch the new product to consumers, but then the coronavirus pandemic hit.

With the traditional product launch formats suddenly no longer an option, the twosome turned to Manifesto for advice on the best way forward for A+RPR.

On Manifesto’s suggestion, the launch went ahead, but remotely given the circumstances. The idea was to respond to the public’s thirst for positive and light-hearted news to balance out the influx of corona-related headlines.

Exceptional coffee deserves an exceptional launch

The concept was simple: if we can’t invite guests to a launch event, we’ll invite ourselves on a virtual visit to people’s homes instead. During the virtual gathering, guests were invited to brew their own coffee, with a professional barista on hand to talk them through the process. Attendees then enjoyed their expertly made coffee, while Jarkko Issukka and Jani Mikkonen told the story of A+RPR from the initial idea through to the manufacturing process.

The launch event, organised through Teams, was attended by more than thirty journalists and Finnish influencers with an interest in coffee. Finnish daily newspaper Ilta-Sanomat interviewed Jarkko Issukka about the correct way to make coffee at home, and several media outlets published news items about the product based on the event and press release. Social media influencers made numerous posts covering the launch both during and after the event.

A corona-proof plan with solid project expertise

A+RPR’s successful virtual launch event was based on Manifesto’s clear vision and project management expertise. In addition to coordinating invitations and registrations, we also hand delivered the A+RPR coffee, brewing instructions and bespoke cups, designed to make the beverage a truly immersive and multi-sensory experience, directly to the attendees. Freshly roasted, the coffee batches were individually ground to complement each guest’s own coffee maker. The remote connections worked seamlessly, and Jarkko Issukka and Jani Mikkonen excelled as hosts, creating a laid-back atmosphere for the event. Their genuine passion for coffee was very much in evidence and inspired the listeners to learn more about coffee.

Manifesto was responsible for the event concept design, invitation process, press release and overall project management, while Paulig’s Communications Manager Pirjo Hästbacka, working closely with Robert Paulig Roastery’s Jarkko Issukka and Artisan Café & Roastery’s Jani Mikkonen, handled the practical arrangements for the event, compiled the guest list and provided her valuable input on the press release. Paulig’s Sustainability Team was also involved in the process, as sustainability is at the heart of the A+RPR concept. The event was held in April 2020.

Photos: Robert Paulig Roastery

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