Valtteri Bottas in a video campaign: “I am proud of the Finnish School System”

Communications consulting can sometimes involve video production. Manifesto’s Epson team were given the opportunity to participate in an interesting project as Epson’s and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport’s renewed international cooperation agremeent took formula one driver Valtteri Bottas on a trip to his old school in Nastola. At the same time, a video was made to highlight the strengths of Finnish education.

The international video project required a wide range of communication skills, from traditional media communication and production company negotiations to helping with the script, dealing with legislation, and making technical arrangements for filming.

The #FinnishClass video highlights the quality of basic education in Finland and outlines how Epson, the world’s largest producer of projectors, supports participatory pegagogy in the classroom. Epson believes that motivating a new generation of students to commit to education requires an increase in dialogue and cooperation in the learning environment, which is entirely in line with the Finnish curriculum. The market share of Epson’s interactive projectors is 57% larger in Finland than globally.

Manifesto’s Epson team and Valtteri Bottas found the video project to be rewarding and enjoyable. The #FinnishClass video can be viewed on Epson’s YouTube account. This Finnish-language version has been viewed around 6,000 times on YouTube, while the English-language versions have been viewed around 38,000 times and the Spanish and Polish videos have both amassed hundreds of views. The Teaser video was watched over 10,000 times.

Don’t forget to watch the behind the scenes video on YouTube!

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