Increasing Numbers of Investors Are Interested in Responsibility

Responsible investment is a currently a global megatrend. It finally arrived in Finland in spring 2018 when the first investment funds were awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Responsible funds aim to influence companies and to promote sustainable development. Manifesto worked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel to organize a breakfast event for the media and influential persons focusing on responsible investment. The breakfast discussed how small actions can help to build a more responsible future.

Stringent criteria are set for investment funds marked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. In order to obtain the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, 90 per cent of the companies belonging to the fund must have carried out an ESG analysis, which deals with social responsibility, environmental responsibility and governance. Naturally, companies which breach human rights, commit environmental crimes, produce energy from fossil fuels or manufacture weapons or tobacco are not allowed in responsible funds.

The responsible investment morning encouraged the audience to think about how to grow their assets and which methods to use. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s investment specialist Sebastian Högnabba spoke about responsible investment at the event. In addition, wealth coach Tellervo Uotila and investment blogger, local politician and actor Jasmin Hamid also brought investment inspiration to the morning.

The emphasis on values in the speakers’ presentations is also popular in cooperation carried out with social media influencers. Manifesto has noticed that an increasing number of influencers want to be involved in creating a more responsible future.

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