The “Get Well Soon” Campaign Highlights Patients’ Freedom of Choice

Since early 2014, Finns have had the opportunity to choose where they wish to receive specialist health care from any public-sector hospital. The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) wanted to be more active in marketing patients’ freedom of choice and to raise awareness of HUS as a place of treatment, especially outside of the capital region

Manifesto and Designer Helsinki designed the “Choose HUS” (Valitse HUS) campaign for HUS. The cornerstone of the campaign concept was HUS’ unrivalled competence as Finland’s leading specialist health care professional, but also as a kind, caring and internationally respected health care provider. The website and an advertisement film were created to support the campaign.

The purpose of the website is to explain patient freedom of choice in more detail to a wider audience and to make it simple and easy to seek treatment at HUS.  The website also contains a section for doctors to facilitate patient referrals to HUS.

The campaign’s advertising film was shown on television, online and in movie theatres. “Get well soon” (Parane pian) was chosen as the slogan for the video and campaign overall. The aim of the slogan was to highlight a sense of everyday life and kindness.

Watch the advertising film on the Choose HUS website.

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