The brand image survey for the National Library produced valuable information for operative development

The National Library of Finland announced its new strategy in spring 2020, and in connection with its implementation, it wanted to find out to what degree its current brand image supports the new strategy.

The survey measured the brand image as assessed by the stakeholders of the organisation, based on their impressions and experiences. As a starting point, the main purpose of brand building is to nurture stakeholder relationships because the interaction between an organisation and its stakeholders is fundamentally about networks of human interactions without which the organisation would not exist.

Designed and executed by Manifesto, the brand image survey was divided into sections including the respondents’ impressions of the National Library, evaluation of statements referring to the new strategy, assessment on how well the National Library performs its tasks, the respondents’ awareness of its services and their satisfaction with their cooperation with the National Library.

The data was collected by a browser-based questionnaire and interviews. The questionnaire was sent to the National Library stakeholders by e-mail, and it was also distributed via the National Library social media channels.

The survey produced valuable information for the development of the brand image, communications and stakeholder relations of the National Library and the results have since been utilised in several different ways.

“Cooperation with Manifesto was rewarding and successful, and the project was delivered well within the agreed timescale,” says Katri Nissilä, Communications Manager at the National Library.

Photos: National Library of Finland

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