The Think Tank Concept

In line with its new business strategy, Solita wanted to profile itself as an expert in digital business in 2013. To support this, Manifesto created a content marketing concept called Solita Think Tank. Each Think Tank looks for concrete solutions as how Finnish companies and public sector can benefit from digital technology and transform their operations accordingly.

Solita Think Tank’s members include leading Finnish business executives and digital specialists, as well as academic researchers. Each Think Tank’s task is to form a shared view on how different industries can leverage digital technology in their business operations. Manifesto’s tasks are to document each Think Tank’s thoughts and build content marketing campaigns based on those discussions.

Manifesto writes each time a printed Think Tank report based on the members’ discussions and material. The results of the report are published to the media and shared in Solita’s digital channels and in customer events.

Over the time, Solita Think Tank has become a successful content marketing and sales tool for Solita. It has created a plenty of news coverage, built new business connections and generated actual sales leads. Solita Think Tank concept continued in 2017 concentrating this time on data and analytics.

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