“One of the best training events I’ve participated in”

The media, interest groups, and a wide audience are all interested in the Finnish Medicines Agency, or “Fimea”, which supervises and developes the pharmaceutical sector. It is important for the organization’s specialists to be able to crystallize their message, present it clearly, and to illustrate and concretize difficult matters to the public. To support this goal, Manifesto organized media training for Fimea employees in autumn 2017.

The training emphasized practicing with cameras. Interview questions were drawn up for each participant in advance in accordance with his or her job description, and participants were prepped for “TV interviews”. The discussion was lively and open, and Fimea employees sparred with and learnt from their colleagues.

“The event content exceeded my expectations”

The training aimed to invest in giving personal feedback to the participants. For this reason, the training groups were kept small. Every participant received personal feedback from the training on how to utilize their own strengths when communicating to interest groups, and how to communicate matters in a clear and understandable way.

Manifesto’s media training was met with positive feedback from participants. The training was described as motivational, positive and useful. The participants also felt that they were able to operate under pressure better than previously as a result of the training.

The feedback was excellent. According to participants, the “content of the event exceeded expectations”, “the most useful thing was to find out that I was able to perform under a little pressure” and “this one was of the best training events I’ve ever attended”.