SMILE Service Strategy for Internal Deployment

The Finnkino movie theatre chain is a significant employer of young people in Finland and it has developed its strategy on young people’s terms in the long term. The strategy, which was updated in 2017, can be crystallized into the SMILE concept, which encompasses Finnkino’s operating methods and is meant as a guide for both customer encounters and for interaction between employees within the company. The purpose of the concept is to ensure a five-star service which exceeds expectations and puts both the employee and the customer in a good mood. 

SMILE consists of five instructions:

Show your passion

Make people happy

Invite people to return

Listen to people’s needs and provide attractive solutions


Manifesto was responsible for the managing the material production project for the SMILE concept, and for clarifying and crystallizing the concept’s message into SMILE materials. The concept was deployed in every theatre around Finland in the form of SMILE storybooks and cards. Lotta Kauppi’s detailed illustrations really brought the SMILE material to life while summarizing Finnkino’s service strategy.

Finnkino is satisfied with the way in which the SMILE concept was implemented. The concept is strongly visible in e.g., Finnkino’s recruitment processes, where SMILE story cards are used as concrete aids to illustrate the ways in which job applicants and Finnkino operate. Finnkino employees are reminded of the SMILE concept in their everyday work by the posters, stickers and coffee mugs produced in connection with the project.

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