Functional simulation exercise enhances Wihuri Group crisis communication readiness

Manifesto was commissioned by Wihuri Group to run a crisis communications simulation exercise for 10 people, including senior Wihuri staff and communications specialists.

The crisis management exercise involved a series of events that would potentially have a significant impact on Wihuri Group and its activities.

The exercise was carefully scripted and ran over a period of three hours. The Wihuri team were presented with a crisis scenario they had to manage and defuse. The team members were invited to respond to telephone enquiries from media representatives, customers, the authorities and their own staff. The exercise culminated in a simulated live television interview.

Finally, the whole team gathered for post-exercise analysis and debriefing. The simulation was an opportunity for the participants to experience a highly realistic crisis scenario and to improve their crisis communications readiness and develop it further.

“Manifesto’s crisis communications simulation was extremely professionally run. From the very beginning, the staff were fully engaged with our business and our needs, so we knew we were in good hands. The simulation exercise itself went very well and felt extremely real. Everyone involved has made a point of contacting me to provide positive feedback,” says Ilona Toivonen, Head of Communications at Wihuri Group.

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