Finnish Comms Awards winner: Market entry of delivery robots to the Finnish market

Starship Technologies, a manufacturer of autonomous delivery robots, started grocery robot deliveries to consumers in Finland in April 2022. Four year’s strategic communication cooperation between Starship and Manifesto created the conditions for the Starship to make a market entry and start business successfully in Finland. 

Starting point

 Starship Technologies wanted to commercialize the grocery delivery robot service it had developed for the Finnish market. The key to the successful market entry was whether legislation and the authorities allow the operation of the robot so that the service can be launched to consumers. Starship also wanted to double the number of personnel at the Finnish R&D center. Recruitment goals was planned to be supported by media presence. 

Communications activities 2019–2022

Manifesto’s public affairs team and Starship started the project by working together with the Finnish authorities to find out if the robots can operate on the sidewalk and whether pedestrian traffic rules can be applied.

Starship and Manifesto’s team prepared a public affairs strategy and program. It included e.g. meetings and discussions with the authorities as well as robot presentation events for different stakeholder groups.

At the same time, the media coverage increased the awareness of Starship and its innovation in Finland. The Finns got to know how the robots operate and what is the technology behind them. At the same time, the recruitment of Starship’s Helsinki R&D center was supported with media coverage.

The first robot delivery service was launched for consumers in cooperation with HOK-Elanto’s Alepa stores in Espoo in April 2022. Numerous media and representatives of the city of Espoo were present at the launch event.


The public affairs program was a success and the robots can now operate on sidewalks in accordance with pedestrian traffic rules.

Also the launch communications of the service was a success. Starship’s recognition among target groups significantly grew thanks to media coverage. More than 100 articles about Starship’s delivery service were published in major Finnish media during the launch. Numerous articles made robots familiar to both consumers and decision-makers. The media coverage also supported the recruitment of Starship’s R&D center in Helsinki, which achieved the goal of doubling the number of personnel.

And most importantly, the people in Finland have fallen in love with the robots. Since the launch in city of Espoo the robot delivery service has expanded to 9 cities in Finland. Robots have traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers and delivered food and groceries for numerous households in Finland.

Client’s comment

Henry Harris-Burland, VP, Global Marketing & Comms, Starship Technologies:

“Starship’s market entry and launch were a success. Manifesto’s work laid a good foundation for our business in Finland. Manifesto’s support for our Finnish team was in a key role during the market entry process. We managed to avoid pitfalls and focused on the right things. This saved our resources and made it easier to enter the market.

Manifesto advised us on the details and special features of Finnish traffic regulation. This had a key impact on how the public affairs and stakeholder communication strategy was planned and implemented in practice. 

In the case of innovation, building trust towards an unknown company and new service is essential. Familiarity plays an important role here. Manifesto helped us significantly increase the awareness of our service through media coverage.”

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