The Data Masters Content Marketing Concept

In line with its business strategy, Aller Media Finland wanted to profile itself also as a content marketing and data analytics company and not just as a traditional media publisher. Manifesto created a content marketing concept called Data Masters for Aller to position the company according to its new business strategy and communicate about it in a creative way.  

Manifesto and Aller Media brought together eight leading Finnish executives from different industries to form the Data Masters think tank group. Data Masters’ task was to share their experiences and insights to other Finnish companies in data management and analytics, especially how to incorporate data in marketing and sales operations within organizations.

Manifesto organized round table discussions and interviews for Data Masters and defined a content marketing plan based on the documented and collected content. Based on the documented content, Manifesto wrote a number of extensive expert articles. The articles were compiled in a report called ‘’Hiljaa kun data puhuu!’’ (‘’Shh, let the data talk!’’). The report was shared widely to Aller’s customers and stakeholders. Manifesto also produced video content about Data Masters’ views and insights. In addition to the report, the data masters’ texts spread through social media in both text and video clip format in autumn 2016. Data Masters received also media coverage in the business media.

The work continued during the spring and summer of 2017. Data Masters have for example visited each other’s organizations to discuss further about data in business. The visits have been documented for further content marketing activities.

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